About us

IDC North East is an organisation comprised of enthusiastic, vibrant and friendly Muslims eager to share the true message of Islam. We are different people from different walks of life united under one cause. Committed to clarifying misconceptions and devoted to challenging stereotypes. Our mission is to share with the British public the true message of Islam and put smiles on faces!

At IDC we are constantly active in the work we do. Here are some of the fantastic initiatives we are involved in:

Come meet the team on weekends at the weekly Islamic Awareness stall. This takes place at the monument in the city centre. On a weekly basis we engage with the general public sharing the message of Islam and dispelling any concerns they have as a result of misconceptions.

Throughout the year we have regular events with invited internationally renowned speakers to talk about Islam and other topics.

Welcome to the Mosques in and around the North East. Organised Mosque visits for the general public and young people on a regular basis to meet the Muslims in your area and find out about the Muslim place of worship.

Social Initiatives in the community to improve and help those most in need including the “Muslim Snow Patrol” and “Muslims Give Blood” Campaigns.

Feel free to navigate through the website to find out about ALL of our activities and services.
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