2017 NMS Month of Ramadan

We know that Ramadan can be a lonely time for revert Muslims, as they may not have a family to break their fast with, share their suhoor with, walk to the masjid/drag each other through hot days, etc. etc.

As part of our New Muslim Support, we organise weekly Iftars (iftar = the meal eaten at sunset time when Muslims break their fast during Ramadan). This year, the Newcastle team has taken their reverts to a variety of locations. We have had iftars at the IDC office, at the ISOC facilities of Newcastle University and various restaurants.

We have also provided our New Muslims with a Ramadan Preparation Gift pack, which included dates, miswaak, information about #ShareRamadan to motivate family members/friends to try to fast for a day too, some chocolates and a Ramadan Tracker where they could tick off per day whether they managed to keep their fast, what they read in the Quran, which dua’as they’ve done, whether they went for Taraweeh prayers, etc.

At the end of Ramadan, we encourage our New Muslims to attend the Eid Salah organised by local mosques, give them a little Eid gift (as again, they usually don’t have any Muslim family members that will give them anything on this special occasion) and have a nice gathering.

If you want to help out/get involved with the New Muslim Support, or you want to use our services or donate towards our activities, please contact us via nms@idcnortheast.org!