2018 Discover Islam Week

Every year in March, all across the country, the Universities’ Islamic Societies organise an event called “Discover Islam Week”, where they talk to other students about Islam and explain what it is they believe in, and give the students a chance to ask questions they may have.
IDC Northeast supports 5 different ISOCs by giving them training beforehand as well as extra volunteers during these events. The training helps volunteers brush up on their Islamic Awareness skills and allows them to better converse with visitors.

This year was the first time Teesside University ISOC held their Discover Islam week, and of course IDC supported them, as well as Newcastle University ISOC, Sunderland University ISOC, Durham University ISOC and Northumbria University ISOC!

The Discover Islam Weeks also collided with IDC’s “Best of Both Worlds” tour with Sheikh Abdur-Raheem McCarthy, so IDC collaborated with the ISOCs to organise talks at Newcastle, Sunderland, Teesside and Northumbria University throughout the week. At Newcastle University, the Sheikh talked about how he came to Islam, and at the other Universities he gave the “Best of Both Worlds” talk, about balancing the student life with the life of a Believer who is preparing to meet their Lord.

Three very busy, very exciting weeks – we’ll be back again next year!