Against Racism Against Hatred: Campaign Launch


Against Racism Against Hatred: United We Stand

Saturday the 28th of February saw the Nationwide launch of an initiative taken up by Muslim organisations across the UK.

Since Pegida were demonstrating against Islam and Muslims in Europe, IDC Project Manager Abu Tayeb organised the launch of the campaign in Newcastle. We took the opportunity of attending the counter demonstration to conduct surveys and get the publics view on racism, anti semitism and Islamphobia in todays society.

As you can see from the picture above, the response was great from the 2000 attendees. 5pillarz Journalist Dilly Hussain and IERAs Hamza Tzortis were given the opportunity to take the stage and address the public. Their speeches were given an overwhelming reception and the crowds who were given cards and booklets about the campaign held them up.

Overall it was a great opportunity to raise Islamic awareness and show that as Muslims we too are Against Racism and Against Hatred.

Against Racism and Against Hatred Saturday the 28th of February Video including feedback on the campaign from the Lord Mayor of Newcastle

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