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2018 NMS Step by Step Course for Sisters

On Tuesday 20th March we have started a new Step by Step course for sisters.
This 13 week long FREE programme is designed especially for new Muslims and teaches them the essentials.
The classes take place on a weekly basis – on top of the 2 hours of education, the sisters get to spend some quality time together whilst sharing food! This way, we’re building knowledge, sharing experiences and motivating each other, which helps create a fantastic sisterhood!

2017 NMS Month of Ramadan

We know that Ramadan can be a lonely time for revert Muslims, as they may not have a family to break their fast with, share their suhoor with, walk to the masjid/drag each other through hot days, etc. etc.

As part of our New Muslim Support, we organise weekly Iftars (iftar = the meal eaten at sunset time when Muslims break their fast during Ramadan). This year, the Newcastle team has taken their reverts to a variety of locations. We have had iftars at the IDC office, at the ISOC facilities of Newcastle University and various restaurants.

We have also provided our New Muslims with a Ramadan Preparation Gift pack, which included dates, miswaak, information about #ShareRamadan to motivate family members/friends to try to fast for a day too, some chocolates and a Ramadan Tracker where they could tick off per day whether they managed to keep their fast, what they read in the Quran, which dua’as they’ve done, whether they went for Taraweeh prayers, etc.

At the end of Ramadan, we encourage our New Muslims to attend the Eid Salah organised by local mosques, give them a little Eid gift (as again, they usually don’t have any Muslim family members that will give them anything on this special occasion) and have a nice gathering.

If you want to help out/get involved with the New Muslim Support, or you want to use our services or donate towards our activities, please contact us via!

2017 New Muslim Socials


One of the key elements of New Muslim Support is getting revert brothers and sister integrated into the community. It is vitally important that they become a part of the brotherhood and sisterhood. Every month our New Muslim Support department puts on socials for both brothers and sisters, to enable the new Muslims to meet with other Muslims, engage in conversation, have fun & remember Allah.


NMS Step By Step Course for brothers


On Thursday 03/11/2016 we have started a new Step by Step course for brothers.
This 13 week long FREE programme is designed especially for new Muslims and teaches them the essentials.
The classes take place on a weekly basis – after the 2 hours of education, the brothers get to spend some quality time together whilst sharing food!

New Muslim Socials


One of the key elements of New Muslim Support is getting revert brothers and sister integrated into the community. It is vitaly important that they become apart of the brotherhood and sisterhood. Every month our New Muslim Support department puts on socials for both brothers and sisters.


New Muslim Socials 2015

augNMS Sisters Social, Picnic in the Park, (30/08/2015).

Whilst the brothers were having a sizzling BBQ in Leazes, the sisters organised a Picnic in Exhibition Park. There was a lot of scrumptious food.

NMS Brothers Social, BBQ in Leazes Park, (30/08/2015).

The brothers organised a BBQ and football session this month for the reverts, but alas, forgot to bring a lighter for the BBQ, tongs to turn the meat over…thus came a rescue for the food in the form of a take out!  It was a great day overall and the brothers really enjoyed the day.

10410370_873925846023918_4224988648753171313_nNMS Social Brothers and Sisters Newcastle and Teesside, (Weekly Friday Iftar) 10/07/2015.

As part of our ongoing support for new Muslims, the IDC teams in Newcastle and Middlesbrough held iftaar meals at the IDC office every Friday and shared the breaking of the fast with New Muslims.

An amazing experience and beautiful brotherhood and sisterhood with homemade food.

11666312_862331850516651_4633192303690240092_nNMS Brothers Social Teesside, (Iftar) 03/07/2015.

The team broke their fast together with other members and reverts during Ramadan in a Ramadan NMS Iftar.

nms bros junNMS Brothers Social Newcastle, (Iftar) 19/06/2015.

nms sis ncl junNMS Sisters Social Middlesbrough,19/06/2015.

 At 9:00pm the New Muslims and the team arrived at woodlands road. At 9.15pm an Islamic reminder about dua was held by sister Shamsa. Iftar was served and the attendees prayed Maghrib and ate together.

NMS BROS MAYNMS Brothers Social Newcastle, 17/05/2015.

This month’s NMS Social was a visit to the Lake District. Here we held a BBQ and played games such as football and cricket.

NMS MG 1406NMS Meet and Greet Social Newcastle, 14/05/2015.

Summary: Thursday 14th May, 4-6pm. An NMS meet and greet social took place at the Newcastle office. Ice breaker game of people bingo was led by sister Mariam khan. Food was served after with general chat with some of the new Muslims who attended the retreat.

nms sister aprNMS Sisters Social Middlesbrough, 30/04/2015.

This month the Middlesbrough NMS team made homemade biscuits for their social with new Muslim Sisters and shared a chat over tea & Biscuits.

NMS Sisters Social Newcastle, 19/04/2015.

The IDC Sisters put on a Chineese themed social for new Muslims this month.Along with food and snacks, the group caught up with each other.

NMS Brothers Social Newcastle, 29/03/2015.

The IDC New Muslim Support Team took mentors and mentees to the Islamic Awareness Training course first and then went for a meal after. It was a great chance for new Muslims to learn how to raise Islamic awareness. The mentors and mentees then caught up and socialized over a pizza!

nms sis mar 15NMS Sisters Social Newcastle, 15/03/2015.

A very successful social for our sisters today!!
Good social gathering, increasing the sisterhood bond, amaaazing food & even a small group reminder why every day should be mothers day!

NMS BROS TEES FEB 15NMS Brothers Social Teesside, 22/02/2015.

IDCs Imran Naeem kindly opened his house for February’s NMS Brothers Social. It was a good chance for the New Muslims to feel the brotherhood and play board games with them.

NMS BRO NCL FEB 15 NMS Brothers Social Newcastle, 22/02/2015.

The Brothers NMS Team in Newcastle organised a bowling trip for New Muslim Brothers. After a close game the mentees beat the mentors!

nms sis soc febNMS Sisters Social, Italian Theme, 15/02/2015.

The sisters AT IDC Newcastle monthly New Muslim Support social was an Italian theme this month. An afternoon filled with good company , good food and islamic reminders.

Alhamdulilah today was the 7th shahada we have as part of NMS programme in Newcastle.

nms bros soc jan 15 NMS Borthers Social Newcastle, 25/01/2015.

First social of the year for the brothers. A good chance for the brothers to catch and talk over a mixed grill!

nms jan tea party ncl 15NMS Sisters Tea Party Newcastle and Teesside, 18/01/15. 

Sisters monthly social with tea party theme. Food, henna, abayas and hijabs for sale. An opportunity for sisters to relax and get to know one another ins safe environment.

IERA Retreat: The Journey of the Believers


The Journey of the Believers, Milton Keynes, 6-10th August 2015.

The Journey of the Believers Retreat is a four day all inclusive educational retreat that aims to empower new Muslims and reverts to grow in knowledge and build a deeper connection with Allah by learning about the essentials of Islam in a friendly and supportive environment.

The course is open to both brothers and sisters and includes workshops, feedback sessions, sharing experiences, salahs (prayers) in jamaat (congregation) and motivational reminders for the course attendees, as well as a safe and nurturing environment for the brothers to increase in brotherhood and sisters to bond with the sisterhood.

New Muslim Support 2015

nms gift box jan 15



New Muslim Gift Boxes (x10), January 2015. 

The Northeast has very generous people. Donations came in to fund welcome gift boxes for new Muslims. A total of £500 was raised to create 10 gift boxes. Inside new Muslims will receive much needed Islamic books including some on prayer and the story of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Also included in the box is a compass, fragrance, a prayer mat and other essentials required for new Muslims.This is a great start to 2015 for New Muslim Support.





muslim making dua

By Steeve Brador

During my journey as a new Muslim, I came across people who were truly inspirational and made a huge difference in my life. But nowadays, it feels like we only hear about the problems surrounding new Muslims and our failure to support them. Rarely do we hear about the other side of the story, where new Muslims are inspired and transformed by the enormous and hidden efforts of dedicated helpers.

Fourteen years ago, at the start of my journey as a new Muslim, Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā) put remarkable individuals on my path who greatly impacted my life as a Muslim. I met amazing families who generously opened their doors during Ramaḍān, invited me for ifṭār, remembered me on ʿEid day, and shared with me precious moments of happiness. Their warm hospitality always made me feel like a part of their family. In fact, I was like another son to them. I met inspiring brothers with whom I tasted real brotherhood. Despite our different levels of progress, we never judged or criticised one another. Instead, we always motivated each other to increase our knowledge of Islām and develop a strong relationship with the Qur’ān. This environment of constant remembrance of Allāh played a critical role for me in building strong foundations as a Muslim. The little gestures and kind attention from these individuals had such a big impact on my life that I wished for everyone else entering Islām to have a similar experience.

Ten years later, alhamdulillāh Allāh blessed me with the unique opportunity to work with other brothers and sisters who had just accepted Islām. It was my responsibility to ensure that they enjoyed the best experience as new Muslims. But soon I realised that my mission was more complex than anything I could have ever imagined. I met new Muslims who felt completely abandoned by their local communities. Their first experiences in the masjid were quite unwelcoming, and they received hardly any emotional support from other Muslims. I spoke to many dāʿīs who admitted that they had no structure or follow-up system to help them keep track of how new Muslims were feeling or progressing.

As we travelled up and down the country, we realised that many communities were not effectively prepared to welcome, educate and support our new brothers and sisters.

To see different results, we needed a model of excellence that could be implemented in any community. This was so that new Muslims anywhere could transform into strong believers in the same way that the companions developed by being around the Prophet (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam).

During these years, working alongside new Muslims, we were able to further analyse the situation and develop a better understanding of some of the common challenges and patterns that they go through after accepting Islām.

But that wasn’t enough to bring about a complete solution…

Is it still possible today for new Muslims to go through the same inspiring and uplifting journey that I went through fourteen years ago? Where are all the amazing and motivational Muslims like the ones I met?

Alhamdulillāh, I can firmly state that there are still amazing Muslims out there and I couldn’t imagine writing this article without paying tribute to them. I haven’t just heard about them; I have met them across the UK and seen them in action with my own eyes. I have found them truly inspiring māshā’Allāh.

They are the silent hard workers who consistently invest their effort and dedication. They often remain hidden but Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā) is aware of their work and their intentions. May Allāh reward them with that which is best in this life and in the Hereafter. They are brothers, sisters, local teams, and families who work everyday to support our new brothers and sisters in Islām.

They are those who meet new Muslims in the masjid every single week. Regardless of whether twenty people turn up, or only one person or no one turns up, they are there, ready to welcome new Muslims and share the food they cooked or bought.

They are those who open their own houses during Ramaḍān, share ifṭār with new Muslims, and prepare goody bags for them on ʿEid day, while they do not even know them.

They are the friends whom new Muslims can turn to, share their problems with and seek advice from. They are committed teachers who teach new Muslims how to pray and remind them to always turn to Allāh.

They are using their own initiative. They are not paid for what they do, but instead are using their own money. They never ask for anything in return, and only hope that their Lord is pleased with them.

Sometimes I feel really sad that no one talks or writes about them. But then I realise that their anonymity is actually a blessing from Allāh that will keep their intention pure.

They are those who inspire me and make me realise that it is absolutely possible for new Muslims to experience what I experienced fourteen years ago. And by combining their experiences and the lessons that we have learned, we can bring a model for change in our community which you can now be a part of.

Over the past four years, one of the key lessons I have learned is that change often comes from these dedicated and committed individuals who feel passionately about the cause and persevere for it.

The huge impact they have on new Muslims’ lives can be replicated by any one of you.

Today, any community could turn from not knowing anything about dealing with new Muslims to becoming a standard of excellence – a true “new Muslim-friendly community”.

What would a “new Muslim-friendly community” look like?

Imagine a community…

* Where new Muslims would be warmly welcomed. They would experience a true sense of brotherhood and feel like a real family member, with their needs taken care of.
* With a comprehensive education program that would build solid foundations for new Muslims. They would have dedicated mentors who would know how to empower them and help them to overcome their challenges.
* That would cater for new Muslims on ʿEid day. They would have regular activities tailored for them, in which they would feel appreciated, valued and encouraged for their contribution.

This is what I would consider to be a “new Muslim-friendly community”. The criteria are not set in stone and there may be many more aspects of a new Muslim-friendly community. However, from our experience, these are the core foundations.

These ideal communities are not just mere imagination. Rather, these foundations are the best practices implemented by “new Muslim-friendly communities” in the UK.

Sounds interesting… but how do we get there?

Below are a few practical steps to reach this result in an easy way.

The Roadmap | Steps to build a successful new Muslim-friendly community

1. Take the initiative and the lead!

It all starts with you having the correct intention, motivation and commitment to bring a change to your community. Offer your help to your local community leaders to make them aware of the situation and the fact that you are willing to take action. Propose a plan to work together on changing the situation.

2. Motivate your community!

We can assist you during this stage by providing you with motivational speakers and inspiring new Muslims who would come and motivate your community. Their stories will help your community realise the responsibility that every single one of us has. This will help you to build a motivated local team dedicated to making a change.

3. Inspire and train your team!

Once you have formed your team, we can train your team to develop a solid understanding of how to effectively welcome, educate and empower new Muslims. Your team will recognise the huge blessings that come as a result of supporting their brothers and sisters and following the example of the Prophet (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam).

4. Provide education and regular social activities!

Build a database of new Muslims in your community and provide activities so that they can come together, meet in person and build bonds of brotherhood. Beyond the brotherhood and social elements, there is a need for them to grow in their understanding and practice of Islām, so that they can develop solid foundations. We can provide you with a weekly course that has been designed specially with new Muslims in mind. The course comes in a full package for you to deliver it in the best way, which includes instructors’ personal training, instructors’ notes, students’ notes, and a PowerPoint presentation.

5. Encourage participation!

Your interaction and programmes with New Muslims should translate into tangible contribution that they can get involved in. It is an achievement and a turning point in their journey when they feel that they can also give back, help and benefit the community. So encourage your new Muslims to get together and start beneficial projects or take part in existing community projects.


By the permission of Allāh first, and by applying these simple steps, we have seen new Muslim-friendly communities flourish and highly develop in their engagement with new Muslims. They are the living proof that today it is still possible for new Muslims to be inspired and have positive experiences when joining our community. There is real hope for the future and we hope to see this change happen in your community, too. You can be the cause of this change so that one day, we will see people become Muslims, and regardless of where they are in UK, they will be supported by new-Muslim friendly communities. Local communities will consist of confident and passionate individuals who will ensure that their new Muslim brothers and sisters experience true brotherhood, develop strong foundations and become inspirational models for society.

Lastly, if you became Muslim and have also been inspired by amazing individuals on your journey, please share your testimonials in the comments, as this side of the story needs to be told to benefit and inspire others.

Find out more:

We are currently running a campaign to help building new Muslim-friendly communities. If you want to make a change in your community, join the campaign here.

NOTE: The term ‘born Muslim’ refers to individuals who were born in Muslim families and raised as Muslims. This term is not intended to offend anyone; it is used in this article because it is a common and familiar term for most people.