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2018 Discover Islam Week

Every year in March, all across the country, the Universities’ Islamic Societies organise an event called “Discover Islam Week”, where they talk to other students about Islam and explain what it is they believe in, and give the students a chance to ask questions they may have.
IDC Northeast supports 5 different ISOCs by giving them training beforehand as well as extra volunteers during these events. The training helps volunteers brush up on their Islamic Awareness skills and allows them to better converse with visitors.

This year was the first time Teesside University ISOC held their Discover Islam week, and of course IDC supported them, as well as Newcastle University ISOC, Sunderland University ISOC, Durham University ISOC and Northumbria University ISOC!

The Discover Islam Weeks also collided with IDC’s “Best of Both Worlds” tour with Sheikh Abdur-Raheem McCarthy, so IDC collaborated with the ISOCs to organise talks at Newcastle, Sunderland, Teesside and Northumbria University throughout the week. At Newcastle University, the Sheikh talked about how he came to Islam, and at the other Universities he gave the “Best of Both Worlds” talk, about balancing the student life with the life of a Believer who is preparing to meet their Lord.

Three very busy, very exciting weeks – we’ll be back again next year!

Islam workshop for schools mailshot graphic

With over 10 years of delivering educational programs in all sectors across the North East, IDC North East continues to improve the programs that we offer to schools. Our courses are continuously developed to educate school staff and students on the basics of Islam & Muslims whilst also challenging stereotypes and removing misconceptions surrounding them. 

We offer a wide range of tailored courses to meet your requirements and also offer bespoke courses should you wish us to cover a specific topic.

School Workshop – The Program:
* One hour presentation (longer if required)
* Students learn who are muslims?
* Students learn about the 5 pillars
* Students can ask a Muslim questions
* The workshop can be in class or as     an assembly
* The workshop can be requested to       be on a specific topic

Mosque Visit – The Program:
* Brief explanation of Islam
* Tour of Mosque
* Role of the Mosque in society &           community
* Lunch (if booked during lunch hour)
* Observation of the prayer
* Quiz
* Q&A with parting advice

*Currently we are asking for school workshop or mosque visit contributions of just £50. To inquire and book between April and July 2016 please contact or call us on 0191 645 0990.


Educational Program Gallery and Feedback (2016)

Discover Islam Weeks 2016

diw main pic

The Discover Islam Weeks are an annual occurance at university campuses accross the UK. In the North East IDC support Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria and Sunderland Universities Islamic Societies (ISOC).

This year in February, our Islamic Awareness trainer held 3 training sessions in Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland prior to the weeks taking place. The training helped volunteers brush up on their Islamic Awareness skills and would allow them to better converse with visitors.

Once the best practices were put in place, the Islamic Societies held week long Discover Islam Weeks. The IDC Islamic Awareness Team were requested by the Islamic Societies to come and support.

This year was the first time Durham ISOC held their Discover Islam week outside the Bill Bryson Library. IDC supported them at their stall, a school mosque visit and also delivered 3 talks to non muslims.

Our team was also at Newcastle ISOC’s Discover Islam Week tent, at Sunderland ISOC’s stall at City Space and at Northumbria ISOC’s tent outside their Students Union.

This year was a great year for Discover Islam Week as there were many interesting conversations and 2 people accepted Islam!

Understanding Islam & Muslims Course


This One Day Islamic Awareness Training Course for Non Muslim Professionals seeks to break down the barriers and stereotypes surrounding the Muslim community, though knowledge and understanding. The course offers an opportunity for professionals to learn, explore, challenge and ask questions about Islam in a safe environment. This course can also be delivered at your work place contact us for more information.

uim stats

Recent survey results have shown the thoughts of British People on Islam & Muslims. At IDC North East we seek to create better understanding between Muslims and Non-Muslims through our interactive course.

This one day course is a great opportunity for organisations and professionals to gain more clarity on Islam & Muslims. The course  includes informative presentations and exercises to help create a clearer understanding on the basic beliefs of Islam & Muslims. Attendees are also given an open forum to ask Muslims any questions they would like.

Topic Covered: Background to Muslims in the UK – Islam & Culture – Source of Guidance Women in Islam – Belief & Practices – Muslim Sensitivities – Jihad & Extremism – Open Q and A Session

If you have any questions or would like help in booking a course please contact me on 0191 645 0990 or email me at

Understanding Islam & Muslims Course Gallery and Feedback (2016)

School Workshops 2015


St Mary’s RCVA Primary School Visit. 09/07/2015

IDC team members were invited to St Mary’s school on the 9th July and delivered a session on the 5 pillars of Islam.

eg ton mv jun

Egton C of E Primary School Mosque Visit. 30/06/2015

The workshop was a mosque visit, whereby the students travelled to Abu Bakr mosque, which was the closest to their school, they did a small session covering the five pillars of Islam, seeing certain parts of the mosque and also answering any questions the students had.

walk sw jun

Walker Technology College,  Newcastle. 24/06/2015 / 01/07/2015

At the school workshop there was a presentation for the students to help the students with their RE vision and also allow them to ask questions. The presentation started with briefly introducing the 5 pillars of Islam, and then focused on the following topics:

* Women in Islam * War and Peace * Crime and Punishment

eg ton sw jun
Egton C of E Primary School,  Whitby. 15/06/2015.

The students really enjoyed the presentation, as it was very interacting with questions, stories and quizzes to keep them entertained whilst learning. This also helped tackle any misconceptions students had.

airy hill sw jun

Airy Hill Community Primary School,  Whitby. 15/06/2015.

It was a whole day at Airy Hill Community, where facilitators did a school assembly covering the five pillars of Islam in depth, ensuring all students understood them clearly; the students answering the facilitators’ questions demonstrated this.

st jos rc sw jun

St Josephs RC Primary School, Newcastle. 12/06/2015.

The facilitators did a school assembly covering the five pillars of Islam in depth, ensuring all students understood them clearly; the students answering the facilitators’ questions demonstrated this.

stocks sw ju

Stocksfield Avenue Primary School, Newcastle. 10/06/2015.

The students really enjoyed the presentation, as it was very interacting with questions, stories and quizzes to keep them entertained whilst learning.

The second part was with year 5 students covering war, peace crime and extremism. The students were given lots of time to communicate with each other about issues that were often being seen in the media. This also helped tackle any misconceptions students had.

newcm ps ws jun

Newcomen Primary School, Redcar. 05/06/2015

IDC help a school assembly for over 100 pupils key stage 2 pupils at Newcomen Primary School covering the 5 pillars of Islam.

leyburn sw may

Leyburn Community Primary School, North Yorkshire. 22/05/2015

There was a classroom session for years 5 and 6 on the five pillars of Islam for the students as they were learning about different faiths. IDC gave the students a better understanding of Islam as the students did not know much and their contact with other minorities and Muslims is very limited because of the area they are located in.

st josephs sw may

St Josephs Catholic Junior School, Birtley. 18/05/2015

There was a school assembly for years 3,4,5 and 6 on the five pillars of Islam as the students were learning about different faiths. IDC gave the students a better understanding of Islam, of who we as Muslims believed in and they also wanted to know things that were special to us and places that were special to us as Muslims and we explained about special times in Islam and also gave a personal insight to which aspect of Islam we felt was special to us as individuals and the students and teachers really enjoyed that part.

st osw sw may

St Oswalds RC Primary School. 18/05/2015

There was a whole school assembly on the five pillars of Islam for the students as they were learning about different faiths. IDC gave the students a better understanding of Islam, showed them a few of our props, interaction was great as some students came to try on the ‘man dress’, hijab and Hajj Clothing, teachers had, had IDC in a few years back and said that they were pleased to have contacted us again teacher were really happy to have us there.

thorney sw may

Thorney Close Primary School, Sunderland. 15/05/2015

The school workshop was delivered in a classroom and the students were year 5 and 6 students who were learning about the different faiths. They were currently learning about the fifth pillar of Islam Hajj and miss Jones thought that they would benefit from IDC introducing the rest of the pillars to them. IDC gave the students a better understanding of Islam, showed them a few of our props from our model Kaaba, the interaction was great as some students came to try on the ‘man dress’, hijab and Hajj clothing.

Our Lady Queen of the Matrys RC Primary School, Durham. 21/04/2015

Over 50 children from years 3 to 6 were given an opportunity to learn the basic principles of Islam through a school assembly conducted by IDC.

St Josephs Primary School, Durham. 21/04/2015.

IDC delivered a school assembly to over 100 children at St Josephs Primary School in Durham.

st wilfrids apr 17

St Wilfrids RCVA Primary School,Bishop Auckland. 17/04/2015, 19/04/2015.

Sisters Aisha Kalimba and Marium Khan delviered two school assemblys to key stage 1 and 2 at St Wilfrids. The assembly presented the basics of Islam including the 5 pillars to school children at the primary school.

castleton apr 15

Castleton Community Primary School, Whitby. 15/04/2015 & 10/07/2015.

The IDC team were in Whitby again for a school workshop at Castleton Community Primary School. The team delivered a workshop to a number of classes across different age groups.

west cliff mar 15

West Cliff Primary School, Whitby. 25/03/2015.

IDC School Workshop team presented a 30 minute assembly on the basic belief and practices of Islam; with the whole school in attendance. The team then conducted a workshop session with year 5 and 6 students discussing the topics of Jihad Extremism.

The Local Whitby Gazette did a feature on the visit:

Bishopton Centre, Billingham. 18/03/2015.

The school workshop team was at the Bishopton Centre in Billingham. The centre is an education facility for kids who have been permanently excluded from mainstream schools.

The team had really interactive sessions with all the groups, lots of fun had, lots learned and questions answered.


king ed vi mar

The King Edward VI School, Morpeth. 05,09,11/03/2015.

IDC were invited again to Kind Edward VI School in March to conduct a further 3 workshops. The team visited different years groups, presented the workshop and took questions.

tees scout visit mar

Synthonia Cub Scout Pack – Mosque Visit, 12/03/2015.

The IDC team in Teesside conducted a mosque visit for the Synthonia Cub Scout Pack at Abu Bakr Mosque in Middlesbrough.

our lady mar 15

Our Lady of the Rosary RCVA Primary School, 09/03/2015.

IDC were extra busy today educating youngsters in the region’s schools about Islam and Muslims. As always some interesting and challenging questions from the pupils at Our Lady of Roasry RCVA Primary School!

king ed vi 2302

The King Edward VI School Morpeth, 23/02/2015.

This was IDCs 3rd School workshop in February at King Edward VI School in Morpeth.

The team delivered Islamic Awareness workshops to a number ofyear groups and got the chance to myth bust and answer questions.

st bedes feb 15

 St Bedes RC of Lanchester, 13/02/2015.

IDCs Mariam Khan is seen above delivering a School Workshop at St Bedes School in Northumberland. In front of an assembly of pupils she went over a variety of topics including the five pillars of Islam.

The School have enjoyed having us deliver an “inspirational workshop that has deepened their understanding of Islam”:

king ed VI Feb 15

The King Edward VI School Morpeth, 10/02/2015 – 12/02/2015.

The IDC Team conducted two Islamic Awareness School Workshops at The king Edward VI School in Morpeth. The team did a “Myth-Busting Session” with young people and staff. As always there were some great questions from the youngsters and it was a positive experience all round.

Annual Non-Muslim Iftar 2015


On 6th July 2015, we held our annual non-Muslim Iftaar Meal for the 3rd consecutive year.

Sawm is the 4th pillar of Islam, to fast during the month of Ramadan, and IDC wanted to continue to invite non-Muslims during the holy month and offer them to share in our Iftar, and to share with them the challenge of fasting for a day (or half a day)!  There were short presentations on Islam, Ramadan, Muslims, poetry, and the opportunity for our guests to tell us how they found it and share with everyone their experience, and we distributed gift boxes explaining more about our beautiful religion at the end.

Summer Fayres


Our Lady and St Anne’s Primary School Summer Fayre, Newcastle. 08/07/2015.

A group of the IDC sisters helped to raise nearly £60 in funds at the summer fayre by applying henna patterns for the kids, and here is a couple of the volunteers having a conversation about Islam, which lasted nearly an hour.

gpsf jun

Gosforth Park First School Summer Fayre, Newcastle. 15/06/2015.

Overall a great day at Gosforth Park First School. Islam was talked about in general with kids and parents and sister Khadija had conversations started by children which was nice.

A new initiative for 2014 was to engage with schools and organisations at their Summer Fayres. Volunteers took with them samosas and mendhi and got a chance to support fundraising efforts for various causes. There was also opportunities to open dialogue with the public as volunteers discussed Islam and cleared some misconceptions. IDC proved to be popular at the summer fayres as we participated in 5 and engaged with nearly 3000 people!

heaton manor school sf jul 14

Heaton Manor School, Newcastle, 12/07/2014. Attendees: 200.

IDC North East were recently at Heaton Manor School helping out at their Summer Fayre and raising funds for the school. We were overjoyed to receive a letter from a member of staff giving us such positive feedback. The letter said:

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Islamic Diversity Centre for attending our recent School Summer Fair. Your stall was very popular and your generosity in donating the money spent on your delicious Samosas to our school in the sum of £100.00 was unexpected, and an extremely kind gesture. I witnessed many positive conversations taking place between your colleagues and those who attended our fair, on removing some of the negative stereotypes unfairly associated with Islam…

Please extend my thanks and best wishes to all of your colleagues for their hard work and commitment in demonstrating the positive impact Islam has on our community”.

st oswalds sf jul 14

St Oswalds Hospice, Newcastle, 06/07/2014. Attendees: 2000.

hots sum fayr

Hotspur Primary School, Newcastle, 05/07/2014. Attendees: 300.

can st sum fay

Canning Street Primary School, Newcastle, 02/07/2014. Attendees: 300.

gosforth park sf jul 14

Gosforth Park First School, Newcastle, 06/06/14,14/06/14. Attendees: 200.

As part of our latest initiative – “Summer School Fayre Project”, members from the IDC team went to the Gosforth Park First School Summer Fayre to help them raise money.

The sister sold samosas, pakoras and gave free dates and literature!

Community Engagement 2015

Community Engagement events are a first step exercise designed to build bridges and establish links with other organisations and lead to many collaborations and initiatives.



Al Azhar Mosque Open Day, 28/07/2015

The team were invited along to partake in South Shields’ Al-Azhar’s mosque’s open day where they engaged in explaining Islam to guests.  Above is IDC’s Daniel Johnson speaking to the audience, and the photo beneath it shows Daniel and Sohail presenting the Mayor of South Shields with an Islamic gift box.

uf may

Unity Festival Newcastle, 23/05/2015

The IDC Islamic Awareness team held a stall at the Unity Festival in Leazes Park Newcastle. The Team were there to show community cohesion plays a big part in Islam and that there is no place for Racism in our religion. Along with handing out leaflets, they were inviting people to our upcoming event tackling Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

new cntr open day

Newcastle Central Mosque Open Day Dinner and Discussion, 25/03/2015.

Newcastle Central Mosques regular open day dinner and discussion for non muslim professionals was attended by IDC volunteers to aid their effort in bringing the wider community into the mosque to open dialogue. Along with a brief presentation on the basics of Islam, delegates observed the prayer and got to ask questions on Islam after dinner.

TA seminar mar

Middlesbrough Territorial Army Seminar, 11/03/2015.

Our team in Middlesbrough delivered a seminar on Islam to some young soldiers at the local TA centre today. They covered the basics of Islam‬, and clarified ‪‎misconceptions‬ and challenged ‪‎stereotypes‬ around women in Islam, terrorism‬ and ‪‎extremism‬.

fem soc mar 15

Newcastle University Feminist Society Event, 08/03/2015.

IDC’s participation at Newcastle University Feminist Society’s “International Women’s Day” event yesterday was the ideal opportunity to challenge stereotypes about Muslim women and remove misconceptions about Islamic teachings on gender issues.

HS meet feb15

Health Scrutiny Meeting at Newcastle Civic Centre, 12/02/2015

IDC were at the Health Scrutiny Committee Meeting in Newcastle Civic Centre this evening. The guys met up with Chris Piercy, Head of Nursing in Newcastle and, as well as introducing him to the organisation, gave him some quality Islamic Literature!


vawg feb 15

Violence Against Womens and Girls, 05/02/2015

The IDC NorthEast Team were at the Violence Againt Women & Girls Event today at Newcastle Civic Centre.

Vera Baird Discussed what Northumbria Police Are Currently Doing To Prevent And Tackle Domestic Violence and Abuse Against Women & Girls.


ncm non mus dinNewcastle Central Mosque Non-Muslim Dinner, 28/01/2015.

IDC were invited to host Newcastle Central Mosques dinner event for non muslims professionals. The basics of Islam were discussed along with a question and answer session. Visitors also observed the congregational prayer.

CE drh walk jan

Durham Health Walk, 21/01/2015. 

This time round, IDCs Daniel Johnson and Mohamed Miah sought to build links between IDC and Durham Cathedral. On the day they took part in a walk in Durham City Centre organised by Durham Cathedral.

Discover Islam Weeks 2015

After helping Islamic societies across the North East get ready for their Discover Islam Weeks through our workshops, IDC volunteers also attended the Weeks too.

Experienced IDC volunteers were on hand to support ISoc volunteers on their stalls and marques.

Conversing with the public, opening dialogues about Islam and Muslims, sharing experiences and their journeys to Islam, the weeks have been a great success.

The Discover Islam Weeks have proved once again to be a great opportunity to raise Islamic Awareness, myth bust and clear misconceptions with the public.

dur isoc mar15

Durham University Discover Islam Week, 09-13/03/2015.

sund isoc mar 15

Sunderland University Discover Islam Week, 02-06/03/2015.

ncl isoc mar 15

Newcastle University Discover Islam Week, 02-06/03/2015.

Against Racism Against Hatred: Campaign Launch


Against Racism Against Hatred: United We Stand

Saturday the 28th of February saw the Nationwide launch of an initiative taken up by Muslim organisations across the UK.

Since Pegida were demonstrating against Islam and Muslims in Europe, IDC Project Manager Abu Tayeb organised the launch of the campaign in Newcastle. We took the opportunity of attending the counter demonstration to conduct surveys and get the publics view on racism, anti semitism and Islamphobia in todays society.

As you can see from the picture above, the response was great from the 2000 attendees. 5pillarz Journalist Dilly Hussain and IERAs Hamza Tzortis were given the opportunity to take the stage and address the public. Their speeches were given an overwhelming reception and the crowds who were given cards and booklets about the campaign held them up.

Overall it was a great opportunity to raise Islamic awareness and show that as Muslims we too are Against Racism and Against Hatred.

Against Racism and Against Hatred Saturday the 28th of February Video including feedback on the campaign from the Lord Mayor of Newcastle

The Campaign in Various Media Outlets

BBC Radio Newcastle (from 2: 11: 15):

Buzz Feed: 

Metro Radio:





General Media Coverage of the Day

BBC News Tyne and Wear:

Channel 4:

The Chronicle:

The Chronicle:

Daily Mail:

The Independent:

The Mirror:

World News:!t=3108415

Photos From The Day

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Islamic Awareness Workshops 2015

nor clc iaw feb 15

Islam and Health Care Workshop – Northumria University Coach Lance Campus, 19/02/2015.

We were at Northumbria University today doing an ISLAM & HEALTHCARE workshop!
Clearing those misconceptions to help our fantastic nurses help to caring for muslims & at the end of life.


Inter-Faith Engagements 2015

ife hol mem day NEW

Holocaust Memorial Day, 21/01/2015.

The IDC Team attended a presentation by local Jewish Author Diana Finley on her book “The Loneliness of Survival”. The presentation was part of the “Holocaust Memorial Day” commemorations and the presentation focussed on the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and the evil of mankind.

It was a good chance for IDC to network with the Jewish community,  guests and also distribute gift boxes.


Police Engagement over Paris Attacks

idc police ses jan 2k15

On Wednesday 14th January IDC’s Richard Coupland was “Challenging Stereotypes and Removing Misconceptions” at a meeting with local Police this evening. The IDC Team met with local Police to voice their concerns about an “anti-Muslim backlash” in the wake of the recent Paris attacks, and also to give the Police Officers some quality Islamic literature.

What Does Christmas Mean To You?



Today, the teams from Newcastle and Middlesbrough came to Newcastle City Centre to launch our new campaign: What does Christmas mean to you?

It was an opportunity to talk to the general public about Christmas and give the islamic perspective on this AND our belief in Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him!)

As well as asking the question What does Christmas mean to you? The public was asked to fill in a survey. The survey was conducted to get the public’s perception on christmas, Jesus and Islam.

As a thank you Teas and Muffins were given out to those who participated.

An Excellent Day All Round!!

Interfaith Engagement 2014

rem day talk

St Bedes Lancaster Remembrance Day Talk, 9/11/14

On Sunday 9th November 2014 IDC’s Daniel Johnson delivered a talk on the Islamic positions on extremism and terrorism at St Bede’s Catholic School in Lanchester, County Durham. The talk was given after the School’s Remembrance Day Service on the occasion of Remembrance Sunday and included a Q & A session covering Islam, extremism and life as a British Muslim. The talk was excellent opportunity to clear misconceptions.

good societ ife

Good Society Conference, 4/11/14.

IDC’s Daniel and Richard were at the ‘a Good Society’ conference at St James URC Church in Newcastle today, discussing how people of different faiths can work together to build a better society. The guys spoke from a Muslim perspective, giving their views on how together we can create “a Good Society” insha Allah! Here they are with the Venerable Stuart Brian, Anglican Arch Deacon of Sunderland.

faith and resilience danielFaith and Resilience Conference, 3/10/14.

IDC were at the “Faith and Resilience” Conference at the Trinity Centre in Middlesbrough yesterday. Brother Daniel delivered a speech on the importance of patience in religion and met the very charming Paul Ferguson, the Anglican Bishop of Whitby!

dj sikh gudwaraNewcastle Sikh Gurdwara Visit, 26/02/14

IDC were at Newcastle Sikh Gudwara today! It was a great opportunity to meet people of different faiths and discuss religious issues. Here’s an IDC Member presenting a very nice Gudwara volunteer with some quality Islamic literature.

School Workshops 2014

IDC North East conducted 12 school workshops around the region engaging with over 1224 school children, teachers and parents. This year we trained up more school workshop facilitators and conducted workshops in schools and at mosques across the North East.

In each workshop we explain to attendees the basic understanding of Islam including the 5 pillars. Attendees get to ask questions in an open environment and even get to try on Muslim clothes and see a model of the ka’baa.


st marys c e sch wor

St Mary’s C of E Middle School, Northumberland, 25/11/2014. Attendees: 27.

con sch wor

Conyers School, Yarm, 21/11/2014. Attendees: 207.

sedg sch wor

Sedgefield Community Colledge, County Durham, 19/11/2014. Attendees: 185.

Chaloner Primary School, Middlesbrough, 19/11/2014. Attendees: 15.

Priory Hurworth House, Middlesbrough, 23/10/14. Attendees: 6.

Ing Farm Primary School, Middlesbrough, 06/10/2014. Attendees: 65.

archibald primary school mos

Archibald Primary School, Middlesbrough, 16/07/2014. Attendees: 41.

chilt sch wor

Chilton Primary School, County Durham, 08/07/2014. Attendees: 279.

 The Meadows School, Middlesbrough, 07/07/2014. Attendees: 15.

St Augs workshop 18 june

 St Augustines RC Primary School, Middlesbrough, 18/07/2014. Attendees: 220.


St Augustines RC Primary School, Middlesbrough, 17/07/2014. Attendees: 60.

qe hexham mosque

Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham, 06/06/2014. Attendees: 43

stocksfield school 4 june

Stocksfield Avenue Primary School, Newcastle, 06/06/2014. Attendees: 300.

kingsmeadow school 23 may

Kingsmeadow Comprehensive School, Gateshead, 23/05/2014. Attendees: 100.

IDC North East were busy educating wonderful, intelligent school children at Kingsmeadow School in Gateshead today. The team did a great job answering the kids’ questions and the staff were extremely welcoming and hospitable.

qe hexham school

  Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham, 17/03/14, 31/03/14, 01/04/14. Attendees: 70

IDC’s Sharjeel Kiani did a great job explaining the concept of the afterlife in Islam to a wonderful group of Sixth Form Students in Hexham yesterday. The guys had lots of interesting questions and the school was very welcoming.

University Discover Islam Weeks 2014

Earlier in the year, to support our university Islamic Societies in the region, we send our volunteers to their Discover Islam weeks.

Instead of holding big lectures, both the societies and IDC collaborate to hold islamic awareness stalls and marquees in and around the university campuses. This has proved to be a brilliant way to engage with students and the public. The Islamic awareness skills picked up from the training courses come in to great use here as the volunteers get a chance to remove misconceptions, challenge Stereotypes and present a correct understanding of Islam.

This year we participated at 3 Discover Islam weeks and engage with 950 people.

north diw 14

Northumbria University Islamic Society, Newcastle, 17-21/03/14.

newc diw 2014

Newcastle University Islamic Society, 10-14/03/14.

sund diw 14

Sunderland University Islamic Society, 04-06/03/14.

University Freshers Fayres 2014

IDC has a long running partnership with universities in the North East. After training up islamic society volunteers to become Islamic Awareness Facilitators,we dont just leave them to go it alone, we help and support their efforts at various events through the year. The first of which is usually the Freshers Fayres.

This year IDC was at Newcastle University, Northumbria university (city and coach lane campus) and at Sunderland University. Over the 5 days our volunteers engaged with 350 people at the Freshers Fayres.


sun isoc freshers sep 14

Sunderland University Freshers Fayre, 24/09/2014. Attendees: 50.

Another Busy week IDC North East. As always in september, you can find IDC Volunteers at freshers fairs across the North East.

This time it was across the Tyne and over to the wear as our volunteers; Mirium Zamir, Daniel Johnson and Richard Coupland were on hand at Sunderland Islamic Societies Freshers stall.

Cupcakes, Samosas and some informative Islamic literature were given out to people who visited their stall.

newc isoc fresh sept 14

Newcastle University Freshers Fayre22-23/09/2014. Attendees: 100

As always IDC North East are a prominent figure at Freshers Fairs across universities in the North East.

So when we were invited to take part and help Newcastle Islamic Society at their freshers stall, we glad to send our volunteers Richard Coupland and Daniel Johnson to help out.

Our Volunteers took opportunities to sign people up to the Islamic society and more importantly share the message of Islam.


north coach ln fr fa

Northumbria University Freshers Fayre Coach Lane Campus, 24/09/2014.

northumbria isoc freshers sept 14

Northumbria University Freshers Fayre City Campus , 17-18/09/2014. Attendees: 200

IDC Northeast were once again invited to take part in freshers week with Northumbria University Islamic Society. Following years of collaboration, IDC sent down a team to converse about Islam with attendees, sign them up to the Islamic Society and hand out samosas.

This year was a bit different not only because of Northumbria ISOC’s new bright yellow T shirts but also IDC were given the chance to partake in the freshers stall at Northumbria University’s Coach lane campus as well.


Annual Non – Muslim Iftaar Meal 2014

idc annual iftar main pic


On 15th July 2014, we held our annual non-Muslim Iftaar Meal.

Our holy month of Ramadaan is the perfect opportunity to teach our non-Muslim friends, colleagues and associates what it’s all about. IDC invited local councilors, school teachers and members of the local community to partake in an iftaar meal with short presentations on Islam and gift boxes explaining more about our beautiful religion!



Annual Iftar Meal 2013

annual iftar meal

On July 15th, IDC held their first Annual Iftar Meal for non-Muslim guests that were invited to fast with us for a day in the month of Ramadhan. Our holy month of Ramadhan is the perfect opportunity to teach our non-Muslim friends, colleagues & associates what it’s all about. IDC invited local councilors, school teachers & members of the local community to partake in an iftar meal with short presentations on Islam & gift boxes explaining more about our beautiful religion!

Feedback from the attendees:

“Fantastic-warm, welcoming, interesting, great food.”

DavidJones, Queen Elizabeth High School.

“Liked the friendliness of the IDC members & the excellent meal & restaurant.”

Wendy Taylor, Councillor.

“The whole tone was informal & relaxed but respectful & informative – a good balance.”

David Faulkner, Councillor.

annual iftar meal 2

annual iftar meal 4

annual iftar meal 3

Quran for School Campaign

As part of our work in developing relations with non-Muslims across all sectors of society, our Quran for Schools Campaign aims to deliver a copy of the Holy Quran to all schools within the North East. The Quran is the most important book of Guidance for Muslims, Allah says, “(This is) a Book (the Quran) which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over it’s verses, & that men of understanding may remember.” (Quran 38:29) With this initiative we have been able to share this great blessing with others!

idc blood drive stats idc quran project stats

School Workshops & Mosque Visits

idc school visit

Our ‘Introduction to Islam – School Workshop’ is designed specifically for primary schools and
secondary schools by professional and trained school facilitators, to each school children the beauty of Islam, engage and question practising Muslims directly and promote inclusion and integration by removing barriers and stereotypes around the Muslim community.

IDC North East is proud to introduce a unique opportunity for students and school children; to gain first hand information about Islam and Muslims in the UK, through our highly acclaimed interactive workshops with local Muslims.

Within these workshops, students will learn:

  • What it means to be a Muslim in the UK
  • Basic Beliefs and Practices
  • Common Misconceptions
  • Interactive Questions and Answer Session

The workshops are extremely interactive, designed specifically to maximise participation with the young people throughout the workshop.

“Today’s event was very interesting, informative & fun, thoroughly enjoyed it! The whole approach today was great as well as the enthusiasm of the teachers/instructors.”

Vicki Trowsdale, Sedgefield Primary School Workshop.

“Everything about the visit from the minute we arrived was perfect & we were made welcome the whole time.”

Julie Lloyd. West Cliff Primary School Workshop.

“It was very positive. Showed the children the real Islam broke down any misconceptions, & the humour was fantastic as well as the uniform! I want a T-Shirt Please.’’

Carrie Stabler, West Cliff Primary School Workshop.

“It was very informative for adults & children. Keep up the good work of bringing people together.”

Mr. Lawn,West Cliff Primary School, Mosque Visit.

iaw school workshop stats

Islamic Awareness – On the streets!

“Challenging Stereotypes, Removing Misconceptions, Authentic Islam!”

Islamic information Stall at ‘The Monument’ in Newcastle’s City Centre. Dedicated and knowledgeable representatives present Islam to the general public of Newcastle upon Tyne by challenging the various stereotypes being perpetuated in mainstream society. Week by week, our team distributes free literature to those who are interested to learn more about Islam and engages with them in open and honest discussion.

We’re all about challenging stereotypes & removing misconceptions, & the stall represents our efforts to do just that at a grass root level. You will not find the IDC North East Islamic Awareness stall team sitting at home on a Saturday morning! Every Saturday, we pump the good people of Newcastle with a veritable vault pull of pure, piping hot Islamic awareness!

We give away leaflets about Islam, invite people to consider God & the hereafter,
debate with people of various faiths and none, & clarify misconceptions by talking to
the public where it counts, face to face on the street!


iaw stall team

The team is made up of knowledgeable, passionate and friendly volunteers who are willing to meet and greet you with a smile. The stalls are run in a number of areas currently including Newcastle city centre and Middlesbrough town centre.