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Islamic Awareness – On the streets!

“Challenging Stereotypes, Removing Misconceptions, Authentic Islam!”

Islamic information Stall at ‘The Monument’ in Newcastle’s City Centre. Dedicated and knowledgeable representatives present Islam to the general public of Newcastle upon Tyne by challenging the various stereotypes being perpetuated in mainstream society. Week by week, our team distributes free literature to those who are interested to learn more about Islam and engages with them in open and honest discussion.

We’re all about challenging stereotypes & removing misconceptions, & the stall represents our efforts to do just that at a grass root level. You will not find the IDC North East Islamic Awareness stall team sitting at home on a Saturday morning! Every Saturday, we pump the good people of Newcastle with a veritable vault pull of pure, piping hot Islamic awareness!

We give away leaflets about Islam, invite people to consider God & the hereafter,
debate with people of various faiths and none, & clarify misconceptions by talking to
the public where it counts, face to face on the street!


iaw stall team

The team is made up of knowledgeable, passionate and friendly volunteers who are willing to meet and greet you with a smile. The stalls are run in a number of areas currently including Newcastle city centre and Middlesbrough town centre.