Discover Islam Weeks 2016

diw main pic

The Discover Islam Weeks are an annual occurance at university campuses accross the UK. In the North East IDC support Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria and Sunderland Universities Islamic Societies (ISOC).

This year in February, our Islamic Awareness trainer held 3 training sessions in Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland prior to the weeks taking place. The training helped volunteers brush up on their Islamic Awareness skills and would allow them to better converse with visitors.

Once the best practices were put in place, the Islamic Societies held week long Discover Islam Weeks. The IDC Islamic Awareness Team were requested by the Islamic Societies to come and support.

This year was the first time Durham ISOC held their Discover Islam week outside the Bill Bryson Library. IDC supported them at their stall, a school mosque visit and also delivered 3 talks to non muslims.

Our team was also at Newcastle ISOC’s Discover Islam Week tent, at Sunderland ISOC’s stall at City Space and at Northumbria ISOC’s tent outside their Students Union.

This year was a great year for Discover Islam Week as there were many interesting conversations and 2 people accepted Islam!