University Discover Islam Weeks 2014

Earlier in the year, to support our university Islamic Societies in the region, we send our volunteers to their Discover Islam weeks.

Instead of holding big lectures, both the societies and IDC collaborate to hold islamic awareness stalls and marquees in and around the university campuses. This has proved to be a brilliant way to engage with students and the public. The Islamic awareness skills picked up from the training courses come in to great use here as the volunteers get a chance to remove misconceptions, challenge Stereotypes and present a correct understanding of Islam.

This year we participated at 3 Discover Islam weeks and engage with 950 people.

north diw 14

Northumbria University Islamic Society, Newcastle, 17-21/03/14.

newc diw 2014

Newcastle University Islamic Society, 10-14/03/14.

sund diw 14

Sunderland University Islamic Society, 04-06/03/14.