Discover Islam Weeks 2015

After helping Islamic societies across the North East get ready for their Discover Islam Weeks through our workshops, IDC volunteers also attended the Weeks too.

Experienced IDC volunteers were on hand to support ISoc volunteers on their stalls and marques.

Conversing with the public, opening dialogues about Islam and Muslims, sharing experiences and their journeys to Islam, the weeks have been a great success.

The Discover Islam Weeks have proved once again to be a great opportunity to raise Islamic Awareness, myth bust and clear misconceptions with the public.

dur isoc mar15

Durham University Discover Islam Week, 09-13/03/2015.

sund isoc mar 15

Sunderland University Discover Islam Week, 02-06/03/2015.

ncl isoc mar 15

Newcastle University Discover Islam Week, 02-06/03/2015.