Discover the Quran


On Saturday 15th October we held our first ever ‘Discover the Quran’ event in Newcastle City Library.

There was an exhibition with Quranic artefacts (including a Quran of 2 metres), a Quran recitation booth, free henna and free Arabic calligraphy, scheduled talks from various speakers and a chance for the members of the public to interact with Muslims, ask any questions they had and take home a free Quran.

The aim of the event was to show people what the Quran really teaches, as Islam is still receiving negative publicity and a lot of people simply don’t know much about our religion. We wanted to give the people in Newcastle a chance to find out for themselves and ask about things they may not have known or understood.

The topics of the scheduled talks were:
– Origins of the Quran and has the Quran changed through time?
– Does the Quran lead to Terrorism?
– What does the Quran really teach?

This event was a great success, with more than 200 people from all ages and various backgrounds attending. Many copies of the Quran were handed out, most of the seats were occupied during the talks and we had a lot of interesting conversations with the visitors!

We’d like to thank Exhibition Islam, Newcastle City Library, the speakers and our volunteers for their help in making this an amazing and successful day!