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With over 10 years of delivering educational programs in all sectors across the North East, IDC North East continues to improve the programs that we offer to schools. Our courses are continuously developed to educate school staff and students on the basics of Islam & Muslims whilst also challenging stereotypes and removing misconceptions surrounding them. 

We offer a wide range of tailored courses to meet your requirements and also offer bespoke courses should you wish us to cover a specific topic.

School Workshop – The Program:
* One hour presentation (longer if required)
* Students learn who are muslims?
* Students learn about the 5 pillars
* Students can ask a Muslim questions
* The workshop can be in class or as     an assembly
* The workshop can be requested to       be on a specific topic

Mosque Visit – The Program:
* Brief explanation of Islam
* Tour of Mosque
* Role of the Mosque in society &           community
* Lunch (if booked during lunch hour)
* Observation of the prayer
* Quiz
* Q&A with parting advice

*Currently we are asking for school workshop or mosque visit contributions of just £50. To inquire and book between April and July 2016 please contact or call us on 0191 645 0990.


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