Elderly Care Project 2015

Regular ongoing visits to the community centre in Newcastle on the first Monday and Tuesday of every month, engaging with the elderly service users and staff.  Normally a different theme is used each month to keep the visits fresh and new.

11990466_894750937274742_2766494873506594163_nBrothers Elderly Care Visit, Greater Walker Community Centre. 08/08/15.

A few of the brothers from the IDC team visited the community centre and engaged with the men and the staff there.

ecpSisters Elderly Care Visit, Greater Walker Community Centre. 07/08/15.

In September this month 5 of the sisters visited the elderly ladies and done henna patterns and massages for the ladies and staff.

11817005_873837322699437_7626202469182794255_nTeesside Sisters Elderly Care Visit, July 2015.

The sisters from the IDC Teesside team visited their local community centre for the elderly this month and engaged with the staff and service users.

ecp julSisters Elderly Care Visit, Greater Walker Community Centre. 06/07/15.

During the blessed month of Ramadan our volunteers continued to visit the elderly and took along some #ShareRamadan literature, explaining what this month was about.

ecp jun broBrothers Elderly Care Visit, Greater Walker Community Centre. 02/06/15.

One of younger volunteers was on hand to play games with our friend Pete from the centre.

ecp jun sis

Sisters Elderly Care Visit, Greater Walker Community Centre. 01/06/15.

The Sisters did their monthly visit and decided this time to bring nail polish for their friends at the centre.

ecp bros may

Brothers Elderly Care Visit, Greater Walker Community Centre. 12/05/2015.

After a recent volunteer recruitment drive, our Elderly Care Projects has new Brothers who have joined the team this month and quickly starting engaging with the Elderly.

ecp sis may

Sisters Elderly Care Visit, Greater Walker Community Centre. 11/05/2015.

The Sisters visited the Elderly this month and the main topic of discussion was our upcoming event on tackling Anti-semtism and Islamophobia.

ecp ss apr

Sisters Elderly Care Visit, Greater Walker Community Centre. 13/04/2015.

The IDC Sister paid their regular visit to the Greater Walker Community Centre. Along with serving food, board games were also played to socialise with the elderly attendees.

ecp bs apr

Brothers Elderly Care Visit, Greater Walker Community Centre. 07/04/2015.

The Brothers were on hand to serve food, play pool and socialize with the elderly this month. The team numbers were dropping and new recruits are needed for next month.

ecp tees mar 15

Elderly Care Social, North Ormesby Resource Centre. 17/03/2015.

IDC Teesside volunteers gave out winter warmth donations to elderly and volunteers socialised with the elderly. Volunteers also brought along some refreshments and played games with attendees at the centre.

ecp mar 11 03 15

Brothers Elderly Care visit, 11/03/2015.

The IDC guys were active in the local community yesterday giving a helping hand at Walker Community Trust! The Elderly Care Project has been running for over a year now, and long may it continue!

ecp mar 2

Elderly Care Visit at the Great Walker Community Centre, 02/03/2015.

The IDC Newcastle sisters went on their monthly visit to the Great Walker Community Centre. The initiative has been so popular amongst the Muslim community new volunteers have signed up and were at the social this month.

ecp ms feb15

Elderly Care Project Monthly Visit at the Greater Walker Trust Community Centre, 02/02/2015.

As part of our monthly visits, the sisters visited the ladies and got them to try on the hijaab last week!

The IDC sisters got an opportunity to talk about where and when they wear the hijab (…many thought they even wear it to bed!A great opportunity to remove this misconception!

(We even got one of the workers to get involved!)