Elderly Care Project Winter 2014-15

ecp kw day 2 pic 5

IDC North East has had a brilliant 2014 and to finish it off we are launching our Winter Campaign.

Throughout 2014, the IDC team has been meeting up with the elderly in our city, keeping them company, playing games and helping out at the local community centres.

THIS WINTER is our Winter Warm Campaign – Warming the elderly by gifting them with YOUR donations! Blankets, Gloves, thermal socks…our team has purchased these items with your donations to give to those who need it.

Last year, Lyn Johnson ( Chief Excutive of AGE UK Newcastle) said ‘We would like to Thank You for the donation of warm clothing and duvets to AGE UK Newcastle for your winter warmth campaign’.

Once again, We are collecting NEW blankets, thermals, hot water bottles or cash (to purchase those items) and in December, we will be distributing YOUR donations among the elderly people of Newcastle to help keep them warm this winter!

To make a donation go to https://mydonate.bt.com/events/elderlycareproject/

To drop off NEW blankets, thermals, hot water bottles or any other items that may be of benefit, please come to our Newcastle Office: 2 Shipley Avenue, Fenham, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 9RA.

The Campaign to keep elderly warm this winter has featured on bbc radio newcastle and on ITV (http://www.itv.com/news/tyne-tees/update/2014-12-02/campaign-to-keep-elderly-people-warm-this-christmas/)

 Day 1 at Greater Walker Community Trust (Women’s only day)

ecp kw day 1 pic 2

 Day 2 at Greater Walker Community Trust.

(this time the brothers got involved!)

ecp kw day 2 pic 1

 Day 3 at Age UK, Lincrest, Lindthorpe Road, West Denton.

ecp wnt 14 dy 3

Day 4 at Age UK, Bishops Court, Newcastle upon Tyne.

ecp wnt 14 post pic

Final Day at Age UK, Bishops Court, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

ecp KTW feb 15

Today was the FINAL day of our Elderly Care#WinterWarmCampaign! We dropped off the rest of the goods for the elderly at Age UK to distribute to the elderly during their home visits.
Once again, a HUGE thank you to everyone that donated towards this project!