IDC Elderly Care Project 1

This winter, IDC initiated their Elderly Care Project – collecting kind and generous donations from the Muslim community in Newcastle and purchased/gave warm clothing and blankets to the elderly in different locations and dates. The winter months can be difficult on older people! Approximately 24,000 older people die from the cold nationwide, it is our Islamic duty to care for those who need it the most, regardless of age, colour, race or religion.

Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “He is not one of us who does not show mercy respect to our old ones”. (Tirmidhi 1842)

Feedback from the community:

“Lovely, friendly team of young people who made a lot of our service user’s very happy with their generous gifts.”

Lynda Watson
“Some of our service user’s don’t see or speak to anyone apart from the people they meet at our day centre so to meet & speak to new people can make their day.”

Pam Renwick

“Very nice group of young people who mixed in with all of us at the day centre from service user’s, staff, trainees, apprentice’s and volunteers, made the day much brighter to a lot of lonely, elderly
people in the community.”

Maureen Faye