Facilitator Training 2014

Due to growing demands from organisations, schools and the public, IDC trained up more of our volunteers to deliver School Workshops, Islamic Awareness Courses, Step By Step Classes and mentor more new muslims.

IDC held 8 training sessions this year and has trained up over 100 new Islamic Awareness facilitators and new muslim mentors.

al azhar iat

Islamic Awareness Training, South Shields, 13/09/2014. Attendees: 22

sch wor tr

School Workshop Training, Newcastle, 11/01/14, 08/09/2014. Attendees: 13

Step by Step Teacher Training, Newcastle, 06/09/2014. Attendees: 3

nms tr 14

New Muslim Support Training, Newcastle, 06/09/2014. Attendees: 16

north isoc iat

Northumbria University,  Islamic Society Islamic Awareness Training, Newcastle, 01/03/2014. Attendees: 24.


Newcastle University Islamic Society Islamic Awareness Training, Newcastle, 22/02/2014. Attendees: 41.

sun isoc iat

Sunderland University Islamic Society  Islamic Awareness Training, Sunderland, 15/02/2014. Attendees: 18.