University Freshers Fayres 2014

IDC has a long running partnership with universities in the North East. After training up islamic society volunteers to become Islamic Awareness Facilitators,we dont just leave them to go it alone, we help and support their efforts at various events through the year. The first of which is usually the Freshers Fayres.

This year IDC was at Newcastle University, Northumbria university (city and coach lane campus) and at Sunderland University. Over the 5 days our volunteers engaged with 350 people at the Freshers Fayres.


sun isoc freshers sep 14

Sunderland University Freshers Fayre, 24/09/2014. Attendees: 50.

Another Busy week IDC North East. As always in september, you can find IDC Volunteers at freshers fairs across the North East.

This time it was across the Tyne and over to the wear as our volunteers; Mirium Zamir, Daniel Johnson and Richard Coupland were on hand at Sunderland Islamic Societies Freshers stall.

Cupcakes, Samosas and some informative Islamic literature were given out to people who visited their stall.

newc isoc fresh sept 14

Newcastle University Freshers Fayre22-23/09/2014. Attendees: 100

As always IDC North East are a prominent figure at Freshers Fairs across universities in the North East.

So when we were invited to take part and help Newcastle Islamic Society at their freshers stall, we glad to send our volunteers Richard Coupland and Daniel Johnson to help out.

Our Volunteers took opportunities to sign people up to the Islamic society and more importantly share the message of Islam.


north coach ln fr fa

Northumbria University Freshers Fayre Coach Lane Campus, 24/09/2014.

northumbria isoc freshers sept 14

Northumbria University Freshers Fayre City Campus , 17-18/09/2014. Attendees: 200

IDC Northeast were once again invited to take part in freshers week with Northumbria University Islamic Society. Following years of collaboration, IDC sent down a team to converse about Islam with attendees, sign them up to the Islamic Society and hand out samosas.

This year was a bit different not only because of Northumbria ISOC’s new bright yellow T shirts but also IDC were given the chance to partake in the freshers stall at Northumbria University’s Coach lane campus as well.