Give a toy….. Make a Child Smile!

Muslim Superheroes at the RVI (8th August 2013)

Eid should be a day of joy & happiness, especially for kids. IDC North East celebrated both Eid’s this year by buying gifts & collecting donations – giving those presents to sick children at the RVI Hospital & Sunderland Royal Hospital. Both these occasions brought smiles to Children’s faces with unexpected gifts from Muslim Superheroes making both the Eids of 2013 extra special for the IDC members!

Muslim Superheroes at the at Sunderland Royal Hospital (1st October 2013)

Feedback from the community:

“The parents & in particular the children enjoyed themselves immensely. The Children’s Services Team are truly grateful for your generosity & the effort that was contributed by you & your team.
Once again thank you very much.”

Sharon Gibb, Children’s Services Directorate, RVI

“Wow! The visit was fantastic. Your colleagues were so good with the children & lovely to parents too. Batman & Superman kept in character & were brilliant. Ask them about Harry’s reaction! Thank
you for the gifts too, very generous, the children, parents, were delighted. With best wishes, Lynne.”

Lynne Bowler, Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

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