Interfaith Engagement 2014

rem day talk

St Bedes Lancaster Remembrance Day Talk, 9/11/14

On Sunday 9th November 2014 IDC’s Daniel Johnson delivered a talk on the Islamic positions on extremism and terrorism at St Bede’s Catholic School in Lanchester, County Durham. The talk was given after the School’s Remembrance Day Service on the occasion of Remembrance Sunday and included a Q & A session covering Islam, extremism and life as a British Muslim. The talk was excellent opportunity to clear misconceptions.

good societ ife

Good Society Conference, 4/11/14.

IDC’s Daniel and Richard were at the ‘a Good Society’ conference at St James URC Church in Newcastle today, discussing how people of different faiths can work together to build a better society. The guys spoke from a Muslim perspective, giving their views on how together we can create “a Good Society” insha Allah! Here they are with the Venerable Stuart Brian, Anglican Arch Deacon of Sunderland.

faith and resilience danielFaith and Resilience Conference, 3/10/14.

IDC were at the “Faith and Resilience” Conference at the Trinity Centre in Middlesbrough yesterday. Brother Daniel delivered a speech on the importance of patience in religion and met the very charming Paul Ferguson, the Anglican Bishop of Whitby!

dj sikh gudwaraNewcastle Sikh Gurdwara Visit, 26/02/14

IDC were at Newcastle Sikh Gudwara today! It was a great opportunity to meet people of different faiths and discuss religious issues. Here’s an IDC Member presenting a very nice Gudwara volunteer with some quality Islamic literature.