Islamic Awareness Workshops 2014

Understanding Islam and Muslims, Myth Busting, Removing Misconceptions and Challenging Stereotypes are common themes and topics when we conduct our Islamic Awareness Workshops.

Our workshops are often booked by organisations who employ muslims or deal with muslims on a daily basis. The open discussion allows delegates to ask questions about Islam and muslims and give our facilitators a chance to answer them with a correct understanding of Islam.


stockton islam course dec 14

Stockton Council Understanding Islam and Muslims Course, 11/12/14.

On Thursday 11th of December, the IDC team presented an Islam awareness course to the staff of Stockton Council. IDC team members delivered the course, along with an open q&a session for the staff.

respite centre zak

Respite Centre Islamic Awareness Talk, 3/12/14

The IDC team delivered a workshop on Islam and Muslims to the staff of a respite centre for disabled children. The staff wanted to know more about Islam to help them provide effective services for disabled children and their families.



Newcastle College Islam and Ethics Workshop, 11/11/2014.

Abu Tayeb, Dr Sharjeel Kiani, Marium Zamir and Khadija Mohammed were at Newcastle College delivering a workshop on Islam and Ethics. The workshop was attended by health and social care students and went over wide a variety topics including an introduction to Islam, the Muslim belief, equality and diversity.

Students from Newcastle College found that the workshop was “brilliant and interactive” with most saying they “learnt a lot” and “really enjoyed the presentations”.


cqc  iaw oct 14

Care Quality Commission Myth Busting Session, Newcastle, 16/10/14, 28/10/14. Attendees: 23.

The IDC Newcastle team were invited to take part in a myth busting session at the Care Quality Commission as part of their Black History month.

This open forum allowed members to ask questions on topics and issues surrounding Islam and allowed the IDC team to challenge stereotypes and remove misconceptions. Topics covered included extremism, oppression of women and dress code for women.

durham con iaw apr 14

Durham Constabulary ‘Understanding Islam and Muslims’ Course, Durham, 24/04/2014. Attendees: 10.

IDC North East visited the Duhram Constabulary and delivery their Islamic Awareness course.

The Course was delivered by Abu Tayeb and is designed to inform participants about the basics about Islam. Participants were encouraged to ask questions in an open environment. The information they took on board about Islam will help them work with Muslims colleagues and  Muslims who they interact with at work.


Heaton Manor School  ‘Understanding Islam and Muslims’ Course, Newcastle, 04/04/2014, 28/04/14. Attendees: 11.

‘Understanding Islam and Muslims’  Course at IDC Newcastle, 26/02/2014,18/03/14,31/03/14, 01/10/14. Attendees: 39.