Social Initiatives 2014

New to 2014, IDC sought to build relationships with organisations that support the communities that we live in, in the North East. One of the partnerships we built this year was with Macmillan Cancer Support.

After an initial meeting, Macmillan and IDC decided to partner up and raise funds on Macmillans Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning. It was an outstanding success with over £1500 raised at location across the North East. Macmillan were so pleased that the Muslim community had come out to help them.

Another successful new social initiative for 2014, was #random acts of kindness. This was where our volunteers would take the ‘imitative’ to do kind things for their neighbors, colleagues and even the general public.

From flowers and chocolates to feeding builders who come round to your house and even the feeding the homeless, Random acts of kindness was so popular over social networks that other Islamic awareness groups across the country have decided to take on the initiative.

in 2014, through our Social Initiative campaigns below we engaged with nearly 1000 people.


Macmillan Cancer Support ‘Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning’, Newcastle and Middlesbrough, 26/09/2014.

rak group

Random Acts of Kindness, Newcastle and Middlesbrough, Ramadan 2014.

Teesside Foodbank Visit, 24/07/2014.

feed homeless ram 2014

Feed the Homeless, Newcastle City Centre, Ramadan 2014. Fed over 800 people!

nat bl cam boro

National Blood Campaign, Middlesbrough, 11-16/06/2014.

be pos bl cam ncl

Blood Donation Campaign, Newcastle, 06-14/06/14.

neig clean up 14

Neighbourhood Clean Up, Newcastle, 05/06/2014.