School Workshops & Mosque Visits

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Our ‘Introduction to Islam – School Workshop’ is designed specifically for primary schools and
secondary schools by professional and trained school facilitators, to each school children the beauty of Islam, engage and question practising Muslims directly and promote inclusion and integration by removing barriers and stereotypes around the Muslim community.

IDC North East is proud to introduce a unique opportunity for students and school children; to gain first hand information about Islam and Muslims in the UK, through our highly acclaimed interactive workshops with local Muslims.

Within these workshops, students will learn:

  • What it means to be a Muslim in the UK
  • Basic Beliefs and Practices
  • Common Misconceptions
  • Interactive Questions and Answer Session

The workshops are extremely interactive, designed specifically to maximise participation with the young people throughout the workshop.

“Today’s event was very interesting, informative & fun, thoroughly enjoyed it! The whole approach today was great as well as the enthusiasm of the teachers/instructors.”

Vicki Trowsdale, Sedgefield Primary School Workshop.

“Everything about the visit from the minute we arrived was perfect & we were made welcome the whole time.”

Julie Lloyd. West Cliff Primary School Workshop.

“It was very positive. Showed the children the real Islam broke down any misconceptions, & the humour was fantastic as well as the uniform! I want a T-Shirt Please.’’

Carrie Stabler, West Cliff Primary School Workshop.

“It was very informative for adults & children. Keep up the good work of bringing people together.”

Mr. Lawn,West Cliff Primary School, Mosque Visit.

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