The Muslim Snow Patrol

msp 14It’s winter time! The cold weather is here and the snow is likely to come.

As we know, it is extremely difficult to cope with our daily routines when weather conditions worsen. But for most of us, help is at hand from our family, friend or neighbours.

However, there are vulnerable members in our communities who don’t get this help when they desperately need it. As you can see from the videos below, the elderly are most vulnerable at this time of year. Being snowed in could mean they miss going to the doctors, collecting much needed supplies or prevent them from doing something they need to do urgently.

IDC are preparing to put on our winter warmers and patrol the street to clear the snow!

What we need from you if the snow does come is YOUR HELP!
Could you spare a couple of hours and join the Muslim Snow Patrol by clearing paths, roads and driveways?

This is a great chance to build relationships in our communities and show how we as Muslims can have a positive impact on British society.

It is our duty as Muslims to help our neighbours and help those in need in our communities.

If you’re interested in helping us with this project, all we need you to do is reply to this email with your name, contact number and area you live in and we will sign you up to be apart of the snow patrol.

All shoveling equipment and high visibility jackets will be provided.

The Muslim Snow Patrol is a national initiative that is co-ordinated with: