Unveiling the Veil

In December 2013, IDC held an Unveiling the Veil event. The issue surrounding the banning of the veil become more prominent in Britain. This event aimed to remove misconceptions about the face veil with talks and open Q&A session with local Muslim women. With guest speakers Yusuf Chambers, Neil Denton, Nisha Joshi (Journalist) and Lauren Booth (Journalist).

Neil Denton

Lauren Booth

Nisha Joshi

Feedback from attendees:

“IDC done really well to put up this event & take down some of the barriers in our communities particularly with women wearing the veil.”

Airs Caroline

“It was very interesting, especially local opinions.”
Jonathan McGill

“It was very beneficial to hear about the veil in such a manner & will help with my final year project, lots of knowledge & very well presented.”

Aaron Wilson

“Very informative, very welcoming atmosphere created by
IDC staff.” Sarah Thompson, SWISS

“Good venue, friendly staff & volunteers.”

Mark Cordell