New Muslim Support

New Muslim Support is a support network offered by Islamic Diversity Centre (IDC) North East based in both Newcastle and Teesside.

Our aims and objectives are:

  • To empower, enlighten and educate the new Muslims
  • To give new Muslims access to authentic Islamic literature
  • To provide new Muslims with mentors to provide support
  • To provide social gatherings for new Muslims to connect to the Muslim community

At IDC North East we offer three programs of support for new Muslims:

  • One to One Mentoring
  • Monthly Socials
  • Knowledge Classes

One to One Mentoring

The Process

Once a brother or sister enters the fold of Islam, the head brother or sister of New Muslim Support (NMS) will contact the new Muslim will arrange a meeting to assign the new Muslim a mentor. The mentor will provide support and will help the new Muslim learn the basics of Islam according to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

The Mentoring

Each mentor will befriend and meet with the new Muslim on a weekly basis. The mentor will set goals and give tasks to the new Muslim to complete in order to progress. The mentor will be a companion to the new Muslim, giving an ear to listen, giving time to meet up for a chat and a coffee or to teach how to make Wudu and how to pray Salah. The mentors are dedicated to provide care and support in a suitable manner for the individuals need and to help the new Muslim grow in their faith.

Monthly Socials

This program has been recently launched as we believe along with mentoring, proving regular social activities for new Muslims is important for them to engage with other Muslims and to feel part of the Muslim community. The socials allow new Muslims to meet other Muslims, both new Muslims and born Muslims and to also bond with their mentors and to create a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood in a safe, relaxed and Islamic environment.

We want to provide the new Muslims with alternative halal entertainment where they will feel a sense of belonging to the world’s largest family regardless of race and social background as well as having Islamic reminders to boost their emaan and help them along their journey. We also want to support local selected businesses to provide products which will suit the needs of the new Muslims. The socials take place on the first Sunday of each month in both the Newcastle and Teesside offices.

Knowledge Classes

We provide knowledge classes which are interactive to educate new Muslims in order to empower them. We have currently been piloting a new course called Step by Step in both Newcastle and Teesside, a 13 week course put together by IERA. The teachers who teach the Step by Step course have completed the Step by Step training course in order to provide effective and interactive sessions. The course includes knowledge on the 5 pillars of Islam and the 6 pillars of emaan in a way which they can be acted upon and implemented in the new Muslims life. Each class is two hours long including a break which provides a social environment for the new Muslims to absorb what they have learnt and relax. The course has been designed to incorporate case studies, self reflection tasks and group work, using a variety of teaching methods to engage a class of diverse individuals. The different teacher methods are vital in order to instil the importance of knowledge and to direct the new Muslims in the direction of self-learning and to become self-sufficient in learning knowledge using the correct sources.

To find out how you can join our New Muslim Support find our contact details at the top.

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  • 2017 New Muslim Socials February 16, 2017

    One of the key elements of New Muslim Support is getting revert brothers and sister integrated into the community. It is vitally important that they become a part of the brotherhood and sisterhood. Every month our New Muslim Support department puts on socials for both brothers and sisters, to enable the new Muslims to meet with ...

  • NMS Step By Step Course for brothers November 11, 2016

    On Thursday 03/11/2016 we have started a new Step by Step course for brothers. This 13 week long FREE programme is designed especially for new Muslims and teaches them the essentials. The classes take place on a weekly basis – after the 2 hours of education, the brothers get to spend some quality time together whilst sharing food!

  • New Muslim Socials May 10, 2016

    One of the key elements of New Muslim Support is getting revert brothers and sister integrated into the community. It is vitaly important that they become apart of the brotherhood and sisterhood. Every month our New Muslim Support department puts on socials for both brothers and sisters.   New Muslim Socials 2015 NMS Sisters Social, Picnic in the Park, ...

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  • New Muslim Support 2015 January 29, 2015

        New Muslim Gift Boxes (x10), January 2015.  The Northeast has very generous people. Donations came in to fund welcome gift boxes for new Muslims. A total of £500 was raised to create 10 gift boxes. Inside new Muslims will receive much needed Islamic books including some on prayer and the story of the Prophet Muhammad peace ...

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